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On the eve of her wedding, Lacey Roberts uncovers a problem too large for love to conquer---a destructive force within her family, which could put her fiancé's life in danger.


Lacey vows to uncover the secrets of her lineage, even if it requires her ultimate sacrifice:  the loss of her marriage to her beloved Evs.


Her quest leads from Tucson, Arizona to the Smoky Mountain backwoods, where even today, the shotgun is more respected than the law, moonshine stills explode, and family may not be what is expected.


HEIR OF DECEIT is a clean Contemporary Fiction novel appropriate for teens and adults.

     "This is part love story, part genealogical mystery, a little bit about redemption and quite a lot of fun for the reader." ---Betty King, author of Second Attachments

     "The vividness of her writing makes the scenery visual and the characters real. Many twists with a surprise at every turn---I couldn't put it down." ---Loraina Simmons

     "Loved it from first page to last paragraph." ---Darleen Knudson

“ . . . Martin’s liberal use of plot twists . . . makes for an excellently paced tale."

          –Kirkus Reviews

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"This is part love story, part genealogical mystery, a little bit about redemption and quite a lot of fun for the reader."                     Betty King, author of Second Attachments




“Full of humor & wit.” –The Beehive News Book Nook Review


“A Collection of little gems, guaranteed to make you smile.” –Amazon Reviewer, Bill B 


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How would you notify others not to post flyers on utility poles? By posting a flyer on the utility pole, of course. MY WORD THAT'S ABSURD! takes a lighthearted swing at LIFE'S LITTLE FUNNIES.

  If you've ever failed at sports, tried to burn the house down, or bumbled in public, you will relate to the situations in MY WORD THAT'S ABSURD as Jan M. Martin takes an irreverent swing at everything from Mother's Day to Christmas, Fairy tales,  Amazon, and her kitchen timer.


  Chapters range from "Secrets of a Secret Shopper," where readers help guess the outcome, to "God has a Sense of Humor." This short, 100-page, lighthearted book of life's little absurdities is sure to tickle your funny bone with the author's (mostly) true experiences and comedy writing.


  Included in MY WORD THAT'S ABSURD are two children's stories, "Miss Mousie and Mrs. McGreggor's Closet" and "The Dentist Who Makes Pickles," numerous quips, sight gags---even a recipe---demonstrating the absurdities of life. Adults are treated to the fictional adventure story "Treasure at Noon Creek," based on actual legends of the Graham Mountains near Safford, Arizona.


MY WORD THAT'S ABSURD is appropriate for all ages.

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“If you need a book that will help you smile any time you pick it up, get this one!” Amazon Reviewer, Rec

"A love story that . . . offers a satisfying mix of intrigue and idealistic love." ---Kirkus Reviews
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